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I'm a bilingual science writer and journalist with over a decade of experience producing content in English and Spanish.

Having forged a career as a theoretical computer scientist, I've also begun to delve into the human sciences and creative writing. Currently, I am training as a news journalist at The London School of Journalism.

In the last twelve years, I've also worked as an educator in the fields of logic, discrete mathematics and computer science, holding three postgraduate degrees in educational neurosciences.

Science Writing

Two of my greatest passions are science writing and journalism, particularly when it comes to crafting feature articles on computer science and social subjects exceeding 2000 words. You can find some feature writing examples of my work by following the links below:

Academic Writing

Academic writing is the most natural writing way for me. I enjoy driving readers towards deep knowledge, starting from the basics and helping them to make the logical connections needed to reach a significant understanding.

You can read an academic writing example of my work at the following link:

For additional examples, please refer to the Spanish writing section.

Technical Writing

As a theoretical computer scientist who previously worked as a programmer and software engineer, technical writing has been my primary writing style for over a decade. Covering matters such as Linux, programming languages, and software engineering, my broader experience allows me to write about any computing topic.

You can find some technical writing examples here:

Spanish Writing

Spanish, my mother tongue, is the language in which I have written the most. You can find some examples in the sections below.

Book Writing

My latest book is “Fundamentos de Ciencias Informáticas.” You can check out a preview of it on Google Books. For another example of my book writing, head over to

Scientific Writing

To access a sample of scientific writing in Spanish, please click on this link.